Danny Bot

written and directed by Frank Lesser


Producer: John Arceci

Director of Photography: Dana Turken


Little Master: Brad Williams

Danny Bot: Stefan Lawrence


Robot created and built by William Morton

Human wardrobe by Mary Burke

Narrator intro by Lance Rubin


Assistant Camera: Aaron Kovalchik

Nick Olson
Richard Gin

Assistant Director: Katri Billard

Line Producer: Eve Zappulla

Production Assistants:
John Wiseman
Nick Pinkerton
David LaSpina
Sarah Kessler


Visual special effects: Marc Boutges

Titles/credits: Bernardo Loyola

News graphics: Michelle Roell

Photoshopped memories: David LaSpina

Editor: Frank Lesser


"Danny Bot"
Lyrics by Frank Lesser, Arrangement by Mike Oneppo
Performed by Brad Williams,
with Lance Rubin, Mike Stanton, Mike Oneppo, and Adam Bowker

Robot voice effects by Jon Niborg Speier

Background/robot vocal recorded by Mark Domino and William Carter

Lead vocal recorded by Kato Hideki

Credits remix by Constantine Ptohos


Robot war protestors:

Juliette Berg
Sarah Bickens
Liz Brown-Inz
Jordan Carlos
Yipei Chen-Josephson
Lori Cole
Alex DeMille
Irene Ferrero
Rachel Fershleiser
Maggie Joyce
John Kemp
Dan Ko
Kate Lister
Amanda Maddox
Jerry Melichar
Quinn Mulroy
Emily Shu
Mike Soskis
Sarah Sternick
Paco Tolsen
Adam Zeidel


Thank you:
Chris and Andy at Xeno Lights
Jackie Shulman
Fort Tryon Park
Mt. Olivet cemetery
Washington Square Park
Coney Island
New York Mayor's Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting
Long Tan
Emily Shu
Mrs. Williams
Anand Balakrishnan
Virginia Rimmer
Moms and Dads
Friends and family

Thank you very much:
Bergen Swanson
Mr. Roboto


Danny Bot
(c) 2004