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"Danny Bot" is exactly like the song "Danny Boy," except instead of being about an old man singing to his son who's heading off to war, it's about a young man singing to his robot servant, who's heading off to robot-war.

"Danny Bot: The Website" is exactly like the short film "Danny Bot," except instead of being a film about a young man and his robot, it's a website about a young man and his robot coming to terms with their separation.

Pictures from the film, pictures from the making of the film, and pictures from the protests over the making of the film ("Danny Bot" was originally titled "Passion of the Christ-Bot").


Frank Lesser, Writer/Director
When his own mandroid-servant left him to join the Robot National Guard, Frank Lesser turned to Brown University's film program to fill the hole in his too-human heart.   Currently, he lives in Brooklyn and writes humor pieces for Jest magazine and promos for TV networks.  (Learn more about him here.)  Feel free to contact him if you'd like a cameo in the director's cut of this website.

John Arceci, Producer
John Arceci, a graduate of Brown University and the Whitney Museum's Independent Study Program in Studio Art, is currently a freelance writer and is serving as the Director of Policy for the Ellner for Manhattan campaign.  It has been remarked that Mr. Arceci resembles Mr. Lesser after a three-day bender.

Dana Turken, Director of Photography
Dana Turken graduated from Brown University with a degree in Art Semiotics, with a focus on filmmaking. For the past two years she has worked in New York City as a camera assistant on feature films, commercials, and music videos. She has shot
other shorts, television, and the second unit for the feature film Messengers. Her short film, "Mnemosyne," has screened at Anthology Film Archives as part of their New Filmmakers series.

Brad Williams, "Little Master"
Brad Williams is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama Theatre and Dance Department, where he played a variety of roles ranging from Hamlet to Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Show." He is now an aspiring actor in New York, where he's been a part of several showcases and Off-Off productions, including The Tempest and Richard III.

Stefan Lawrence, "Danny Bot"/web-designer
Stefan Lawrence is a graphic designer by day, and a sketch comedian by night. By noon he eats lunch, and by evening he enjoys cooking the occasional delicious dinner. He is addicted to coffee, but still has very white teeth. He doesn't sleep much, but that's kind of par for the course in New York, so he doesn't complain too much.

William Morton, Robot-builder
In addition to being a designer of ridiculously elaborate futuristic robot suits, William Morton is a cartoonist, Illustrator and toy designer working out of Brooklyn, USA. His client list includes AOL, The Gap, SoBe Beverages, Sony, and Tommy Hilfiger. View samples of his work.

Full credits...

3 minutes, 50 seconds
Shot on super-16mm
(with DV protest footage and super-8 nostalgia-credits)


Frank Lesser at frank@dannybot.com
Danny Bot at danny@dannybot.com